Thursday, August 25, 2005

This Blog - Raison d'etre

Hello readers! Marty was a friend whom I knew too briefly. This experience I share with many.

He accompanied (on piano) our choral ensemble in a concert I appeared in recently. His tireless work effort and ever-present smile made life better. As I have reached out to others who knew him, I discover that this experience, too, has been shared by many.

As with many shining stars, this one's path was interrupted. Hard as it may be, we must accept this but as I do, I thought to honor him by gathering such information as I could find, and asking others who knew him to add their thoughts, remembrances and wisdom.

Just now I got off the phone with Peter Standers, coordinator of the Central Vermont Chamber Music Festival. Marty had just finished singing in the Festival's first week, which tragically will now be known as the final performances in a distinguished career. Mr. Standers reported that Marty had had a great time in Vermont and made great music. May we all end so happily.


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