Friday, August 26, 2005

Further thought on this blog

My inspiration for this blog was not only Marty but also a friend of mine from the Sacred Heart Church Community of Camden, NJ, Jeremy Sullivan. Jeremy is riding his bicycle cross country to raise money for the beautification of Waterfront South, the neighborhood surrounding the church: Jeremey's Journey. As he's traversed the country, I've seen posts from people everywhere, and it feels as if we all are united in support and harmony with him. Marty's group of friends being worldwide, I thought perhaps something similar could happen for him. Being inexperienced with blogging, I simply went with the inspiration to create one without much thought. On further thought, it occurs to me that a blog is the creation of one person, and what I'm really seeking to create/develop is the combined efforts of many people to honor him. Therefore, I ask readers, especially those of you who are more computer- and internet-savvy, please to offer suggestions of how we can do that within this context, or for a more appropriate one.


At 1:01 AM, Blogger Christina Zorio said...

I was a student of marty's in fact when i was still in high school i did shows with him at the college and he was my only friend for a long time and helped me become the best singer i could be. When i heard of his sudden death from my father i was so overcome with sadness that it has taken me this long to be able to write. He was my first teacher and i will always be grateful to him for all he did for me. I loved him dearly and wish i would have kept in better touch over the years with him. My heart and prayers go out to his loved ones. He was truly a great man.----Christina M. Zorio


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