Friday, September 09, 2005

Vermont News Article on the Tragedy

With apologies to anyone who might be troubled by the belated posting of this "news", I will explain: When I received the e-mail from our theater group's director of Marty's passing, I was shocked and refused to believe it. I searched everywhere on the internet for confirmation, and as I went longer and longer without finding any, a glimmer of hope emerged that maybe someone had gotten it all wrong. The folks at the Randolph Herald were kind enough to e-mail me a copy of the article from their August 25, 2005 print edition, which I otherwise would not have been able to access until a week later. As is characteristic of Marty, this article, too, reflects his absolute joy and passion for life. Singer Found Dead In Randolph, after Concert


At 7:56 AM, Blogger Mehl said...

Thank you Tom for doing all of this in tribute to Martin. I had searched for this article and was not able to find it. Peace be with you. Margaret Herz-Lane, Grace Church, Camden.


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